Monday, November 23, 2009

Give'em What They Want

This is Thanksgiving week so the official start of the holiday season is here. That’s opposed to the business start of the season which begins the day after Labor Day.

This morning I read an interesting take on how to experience the holidays. The basic point was that the holidays, and friends and family, rarely live up to the idealized, Norman Rockwell-painting version many of us have in our minds.

So, if our reality does not fit our grand image how do we move through the disappointment? Service. We try to do what we can to help others have the type of holidays they imagined.

If the holidays are a time of giving, then give. And it’s not just about giving tangible gifts. The best gift you can give others is to get to know them enough to know what they really want (again, it isn’t always about stuff) and then give them that. Only giving others what you want them to have is more a gift to yourself than to others.

If times for you are tight, which for many they are, give gratitude. Being truly thankful for the gifts of life you have received this past year is enough.

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