Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'll Always Love My Mama

The cover article for this week's issue of Time magazine is about helicopter parents and how they are trying to overcome their smothering attention of their children. About a week ago I read an article in a journal about the fact that parents have much less of an impact on kids than childrens' peer groupls.

We are sliding into the time of year in which parents are naturally on our minds. My father is gone, but this afternoon I'm driving down to my hometown to spend Thanksgiving with my mother. I started thinking about the wonderful soul group, The Intruders, and their 1973 hit, "I'll Always Love My Mama."

I'll always love my Mama 'cause she's my favorite girl.
I'll always love my Mama, she brought me in this world.

In this season of Thanksgiving if you still have one or both of your parents, and they are reasonably healthy and coherent (in this day and age coherent could mean a lot of things), you should be thankful. If one or both of your parents are not doing well you have my concern and prayers.

In Bonnie Raitt's song, "Nick of Time," she sings that time changes our bodies and those of our parents and we look at each other and it makes us both feel strange.

Watching our parents is often like looking into our own futures.....scary isn't it? The older I get the more I believe that when most of us look ahead and see fewer days, the uncertainty and fear makes us all act a little squirrelly in positive and less-than-positive ways.

Let this holiday season be the one, even if only for a day, in which you help your parents and other older family members and friends have the holiday they envision.

And let it be a thankful holiday for you. It is for me.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and be careful on the roads.

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