Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let'er Rip!!

Yep, I know it's late to be posting a message for Wednesday (about 7 pm) but I hate to miss a day.

Let's talk about anger.

Some of the best research I've seen has come up with a simple formula A x B - C.

"A" is Activating Events...we have events that happen in our lives and they kick off emotions in us.

"B" is Beliefs. The strengths of our Beliefs tend to multiply the effects of the Activating Events.

"C" means Consequences; what we end up saying, doing, or feeling as the outcome of the combination of Activating Events and Beliefs.

If you have an Activating Event that cranks you up and you have very strong Beliefs about the situation the Consequences are likely to be powerful.

Might be a good idea to slow down and breathe a little when the events are important to you and things don't go the way you wish they should.

Or, you could just say to hell with it, or them, and let'er rip. Just try to be sure that you are willing to handle the outcome.

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