Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sharing Selflessly

Owning a business is a constant journey on which you find new places, have new experiences and meet new people. Maybe that experience of discovery is one of the best reasons many of us take the challenge.

Too often, though, the new people we meet who have knowledge that would help us are reluctant to share the knowledge because they believe, especially in tough times, that the knowledge they share might give the other person an advantage, or it will mean lost dollars.

But, when you meet someone who is not only willing to share but does so in a wonderfully giving way it's a true bonus of life. Haj Dove is one of those folks. His knowledge of how the Internet can be used for business is truly amazing and, over lunch on Wednesday, he was kind enough to share a wide range of strategies that will make my effort to spread the word about The Perfect Workday more efficient and effective.

Haj's business is at He offers all kinds of cool gifts and with the holidays coming it's a great place to visit. I'll be shopping there this year. Check it out.

Educators have motto, "Steal shamelessly, share selflessly." That's not a bad way to look at business, and life.

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