Monday, November 30, 2009


The news is covered up with the story of Tiger Woods driving out of his driveway at 2:25 am on Saturday morning and running into a fire hydrant and then a tree in his neighbor's yard. Woods was evidently banged up but his wife, Elin, broke one of the car’s windows with a golf club and helped him out.

In a short article about denim in today’s newspaper I saw that a pair of 100+ year-old denims were recently sold for $25,000 at auction.

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking one of two things: “What in the world could be the connection between the world’s greatest golfer and a century-old pair of blue jeans?” or, “Mike is so ticked about Carolina blowing a lead to NC State and losing 28-27 that he’s finally gone over the edge.”


Here’s the deal: You have to be living in one of two places for news items like those I mentioned to be featured in the media; especially with the prominence of the Woods’ event.

Either, (A) we live in a society that is so wonderfully affluent that silly things like Woods and old pants are news; or, (B) we live in a society that is so far off track from what is truly important that it’s gonna take a meteor strike to get us focused.

The reality is that it’s probably a little of both.

However, whichever view—A or B—you automatically chose tells a lot about your life view…positive or negative. And the wild thing about the A or B stuff is that either comment could go either way.

Take a moment and write this down…”U B +.” That’s right, UB+…that’s your sign and mantra for this week.

You Be Positive. UB+.

Go forth.

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