Friday, November 20, 2009

Waterhole #3

While talking with a friend the other day he mentioned a business situation he was going to participate in. I thought it was a great idea and started talking about what a wonderful expansion of his business this new opportunity could be.

He said, “Mike, don’t confuse this with what it really is.”

For him, he was right. For someone else, the opportunity might be the key to a new future. But for him, it was a short-term solution to a problem.

In life, how often do we make the mistake of trying to make much more out of a situation than it should be?

I asked myself, “Which happens more often, we make more out of something than it really is; or we don’t take a situation as seriously as we should?”

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The question reminded me of a wonderful western spoof, Waterhole #3, with James Coburn. At the key point in the movie, which is about a bunch of folks trying to get some gold out of a waterhole, Coburn is riding out of town and he stops, turns in his saddle and says, “Some people don't take gold too seriously….and then, some people don’t take it seriously enough.”

Which is it? What are you making more of than it really is? And what are you not taking seriously enough?

Have a great weekend!

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