Thursday, December 10, 2009

Don't Waste Your Time

Are you trying to hard?

At some point we reach a point of diminishing returns.

In lots of areas of life we get to a point where the same effort brings less rewards. A great example is eating…anything. After awhile your taste buds deaden out and you gain less enjoyment frm continuing to eat or drink the same thing.

This often happens in efforts we make in life. While I admire folks who say, “I always give 100%!,” I don’t think some of them are all that smart.

In about 80% of the projects we get involved in we could do them 80% and we’d be fine. The extra 20% we put into them do not bring us all that much more reward or pleasure.

In about 20% of the projects we get involved in we need to give 100% (and talking about giving 110% is just a saying, it’s impossible to do).

One of your most important objectives in life is to figure out what to give 80% to and what to give 100% to.

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