Friday, December 18, 2009

Duct Taping Children to a Stop Sign

This is the weekend for Christmas parties. For the politically correct and all our friends of non-Christian faiths these would be Holiday Parties.

For many people this is the most wonderful weekend of the year. They get to see old friends, make new ones, and revive traditions. For a lot of other folks, this will be a difficult weekend for a lot of different reasons.

Some people are thrown into situations with family and others with whom they don’t exactly….get along. For those folks, remember, patience is a virtue. And, you can stand anything for a few hours.

For others, it may be a weekend of watching others celebrate. They’ll spend the weekend watching television, riding around looking at lights and buying a couple of presents. For those folks, remember, it’s only a couple of days.

Here are three suggestions that will allow you to live through the weekend and the next week:
- Lighten up. Don’t expect anyone to be perfect. Retail and food service workers, fellow partiers, other drivers, and family members are experiencing much of the same stress you are.
- Consume 2/3 what you would normally consume. That goes for meals, drinks, snacks, anything you ingest. You don’t have to feel miserable to celebrate.
- Find time to take a nap. A short one is great, a longer one is better. Even if you have to duct-tape your kids to the columns out on the porch, or a sign out on the street, it’s a high stress time and you need more rest.

Have a wonderful weekend and get a great start on the holidays….whichever ones you’re celebrating.

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