Friday, December 11, 2009

Using a Whip and Chair in the Center Ring

Yesterday, I had a great time lecturing in the Executive Masters Program at UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Public Health.

Well, lecturing is not really the right word….being a ringmaster is more appropriate. I do this a couple of times a year and the folks who run the program and the attendees are great. Many of the attendees are physicians, executives with health care organizations, and consultants. They are all smart people and almost all of them are focused, ambitious, high-energy folks WHO WOULDN’T LET GO OF THEIR CRACKBERRIES AND LAPTOPS TO STOP EMAILING DURING THE LECTURE EVEN IF YOU HELD A GUN TO THEIR HEADS!

So, I didn’t hold a gun to their heads…I made a deal with them. I said, “We’ll get out a little bit early as long as I don’t see a laptop or hand-held device in use during class time.”

And you know what? They did it. Amazing!

However, it wasn’t that amazing if you understand that, together, we found the appropriate reward.

People will most often perform the way you want as long as you offer the reward they want. Just realize, it may not be the reward you would want.

Where do you want to go? And what reward do you want waiting for you when you get there?

Have a great weekend!

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