Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ramblings and Resolutions

Today’s topic is a gimmee…Resolutions.

New Year’s Resolutions only come in two flavors: You resolve to stop doing something you’ve been doing, or, you resolve to start doing something you haven’t been doing.

I guess the objective of resolutions is to have a better life. If you eat better, exercise a little more, get to bed a little earlier, stress a little less, be a little nicer, and work a little harder maybe life comes out the way you at least think it’s supposed to be.

Which brings me to regrets. Do we create resolutions because, in some cases, we regret not eating better, not exercising enough, staying up later than we should, getting stressed about silly things, not being nice, or slacking off?

I always wonder about those folks who say, “I have no regrets.” It strikes me that if that’s true they either have no imagination or no conscience.

I regret a ton of stuff from the past year and the past decade.

But, when I think of the things I regret I keep thinking that life is like going to the state fair. You’re jacked up about going and you get there in the morning when the sky is bright and the air is cool and the sensory explosion is almost overwhelming and you try to ride every ride no matter how scary and you eat lots of fair food and see all the exhibits and walk until your feet hurt and smell the animals and see lots of people you’re glad you don’t look like and try and win something for your sweetie and get embarrassed ‘cause you don’t or get elated because you do and meet new folks and get lost and then you find the folks you came with and then it starts getting dark and you know you’ll have to leave soon and you push for a little more fair food and a few more rides and exhibits and then, the next thing you know you’re walking through the gate and on your way home. And you ride home tired, and miserable because you ate too much fair food, rode too many rides, and saw exhibits and animal shows until your mind was numb. And you resolve to not do that again.

Or, it’s a good miserable. And you did it all. And you’d do it the same way again. It depends on how you see your day at the fair.

So, does it help to make resolutions? Probably. Just thinking about making resolutions turns out to be an exercise in self-evaluation and that’s a good thing in moderation.

Now, lean back for a few minutes and tally up this past year: Pluses and Minuses. Then tally up the last decade in the same way. Now, look ahead and ask one last question for 2010 and the ‘10s: If I only get one day at the fair, how do I get more of what I want and less of what I don’t want?

And remember, the fair closes sooner rather than later.

Be careful if you’re out tonight.

Happy New Year.

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