Monday, December 21, 2009

Where Ya Comin' From?

In today’s comics Dennis the Menace is sitting on Santa’s lap. He’s been asked the obvious seasonal question and replies, “It depends on what your definition of good is.”

I’ve been thinking about relative definitions lately for a variety of reasons.

Words like good or bad, smart or dumb, fast or slow, strong or weak, can have different definitions for different people.

Your definition depends on…well…the old ‘60s phrase, “where you’re comin’ from.”

Whenever anyone offers an opinion (which is based on where they’re comin’ from) it’s almost impossible for us not to jump to a conclusion depending on where we’re comin’ from.

Taking the time to consider where they might be comin’ from slows us down…and makes us think. And, to be honest, most folks don’t want to do think because they might realize something that challenges where they’re comin’ from.

I think that’s pretty true…or not…dependin’ on where you’re comin’ from.

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