Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cold or Hot...The Same Reaction

Seems that it is cold everywhere in the country. It’s 33 degrees in Orlando for goodness sakes!

Got me to thinking about extremes. Extreme cold slows things down, but extreme heat also makes people want to slow down.

Both reactions come from our bodies’ efforts to conserve energy and survive.

When we open the door to a dark room we slow down. Darkness is an extreme loss of light.

Might not be a bad reaction in some other situations in life. When things start getting extreme, out of control and/or a kinda scary maybe we should slow down a little. Step back and collect our thoughts.

However, the new management thought says that business and life is now moving in the opposite direction. When things seem extreme you should speed up, challenge the norms, be kinda scared a lot of the time.

As humans, that is a difficult way for us to operate.

The new norm IS being kinda scared a lot of the time.

If you aren’t, maybe you should look around…something might be sneakin’ up on you.

Might be time to hit the gas in life.

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