Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Getaway

If you are reading this on Thursday morning I’m on an airplane to LA. Going out to see some friends for a few days.

I’m glad I’m not on airplanes every day, but flying once in awhile is a treat. My favorite part about flying is that it allows me to focus. You’re trapped in a seat with nowhere to go and few distractions other than the squawling young’un behind you.

I save up a bunch of magazines that I don’t have time to read and in the few days before the flight I tear out all the articles I want to read. Then, during the flight I read the articles and then stuff them in the seatback pocket in front of me. I almost always come back with an empty bag.

Where can you go that allows you to focus. We live in such a loud, overstuffed, information avalanche kind of society that it’s difficult to find places to get away.

I’ve had times in life in which I rented a hotel room for a weekend, loaded up all my equipment and resources, and never turned the TV on. Ordered Dominoes for delivery. Got more done in a couple of days than I might have in a couple of months.

Find a place to focus and come up with a simple system that allows you to get things done when they have to be done. Having your our own cave, closet, or castle (with the drawbridge up) is a tremendous asset.

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