Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's About Time

Ok, this is the last week of JANUARY!

Can you believe it? The first month of 2010 is almost over!

Here’s the question: What resolution did you swear you’d be solid on for this year and you’ve already blown it off?

Yeah, yeah, I can hear some of you doing your TV announcer voice, “Wellllll, I never make resolutions.”

So, how do you improve? Do you walk through the personal improvement store and new skills, ideas, attitudes, and habits stick to you like Velcro? And then, when you walk up to the people at the check-out lane of life do they just say, “No problem, walk on by”?


So, again, what were you going to improve on or do differently and you haven’t gotten started?

It’s three weeks in…about time, wouldn’t you say?

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