Thursday, January 14, 2010


What do you feel a sense of urgency about in life?

I don’t necessarily mean what issue, person, feeling, thought, task, or responsibility gets you out of bed in the morning; although any or all of those things could prompt a sense of urgency in you.

I’m asking, “What in your life gives you the feeling of, ‘I’ve got to get this done NOW!’?”

There are thousands of good folks mobilizing to help the people of Haiti. The motivation is to help others and time is creating a sense of urgency to get help and supplies to our earthquake ravaged neighbors.

What, if anything, gives you a feeling of urgency? Is there something in your life you are afraid of losing, or something that you desperately want to win?

Research shows that humans fear loss more than we hope for gain.

I’m not above using fear as a motivator, for myself or others.

There are some things in life that I increasingly fear losing so I am doing what I can to regain them. There are goals in my life that I want to reach and I am trying to create a sense of urgency so that I can attain them.

But I’m finding it interesting that, like the research points out, I wake every morning now with a sense of urgency about trying to figure out how to keep from losing some of the things I want: The sense of urgency is already there. I’m trying to manufacture a sense of urgency to get me to some of the other goals, though.

There’s a message in that realization that I’m trying to understand.

How about you?

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