Tuesday, January 12, 2010

No...You Aren't Different

I don't fly as much as some of my colleagues but when I do fly I enjoy it. There's an amazing quality to flying that I still can't get over and most of the experiences I've had related to flying have been positive.

From the first time I flew I've caught myself looking down on the housetops or the toy-like cars and trucks steadily crawling along interstates and thought, "I wonder what the people in those houses, cars and trucks are like?"

I flew into Miami yesterday afternoon and the, "wonder what" thought ranged from the mansions lining the bay to junky, two-bedroom boxes near the airport.

The hotel in which I awoke this morning is a beautiful Westin about 3 football fields from I-95. When I stood at the window this morning, stretching, I saw a truck navigating the on-ramp to head north. My father drove and managed 18-wheelers for much of his career and I wondered, "who is that truck driver and what is his life like?"

The unexciting fact is that the vast majority of the people in those houses, cars and trucks; most of the folks in the high-rise buildings I see on the horizon; the guy who rode down in the elevator with me a few minutes ago, have lives that are, for the most part, just like yours and mine.

We want to think we are special and, in the sense that we are miracles of life, we are. But, other that we're pretty much the same. To paraphrase the Chinese proverb, "We all want someone to love, we want someone to love us, we want something to do, and we want something to look forward to." The particulars might be different, but the basics are the same.

We all have similar problems to which the answers are basically the same. We all suffer the same types of hurts, just from different sources.

However, some folks are a little further along the path than others: Relationships, work, spiritual connection, staying healthy and fit, and feeling happy are some of the areas of life in which our skills range far and wide.

If there is an area of your life you would like to improve find someone who has seems to have that skill (and make no mistake about it, there are learnable skills that allow us to succeed in each area of life I mentioned) and ask them, "How do you do this?"

If you are succeeding in an area of life in which others struggle, be willing to share if asked.

I'm mean...hey...as the cliche' says, "We're all just people."

There's no just about, we're miracles...but all the same.

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