Friday, January 22, 2010

OK, Let's Talk About Sex and Politics

It seems somewhat unreal that I'm in Los Angeles and some of the big news is from back in North Carolina.

John Edwards' admission of fathering a child with a campaign worker is one of the headlines out here.

Let me add my 2-cents worth: WHATEVER John Edwards might have done sexually does not affect my life, not one iota. And, I believe that all the folks who get so wired up about issues like this are using them to avoid addressing issues in their own lives.

This is an issue to be handled among John and Elizabeth Edwards, the woman involved, and the child.

Whatever Bill Clinton, JFK, or any of the other political figures who have strayed off the straight and narrow have done sexually does not affect our

Now, if people have done something of a criminal nature, that's a different story.

But, the tendency for America's media and a significant segment of the population to get wired up about the sexual proclivities of celebrities, athletes and politicians is embarrassing. It uses up time, energy and resources that could better be used on things that matter. It makes us looks silly and small to other countries around the world who don't have such provincial attitudes about sex. The tendency crosses the line that a lot of us try to hold as truth: Don't stick your nose in other people's business.

Comedian Jay Leno once said about the Clinton/Lewinsky story, "Don't you want the man who has his finger on the nuclear trigger to be as relaxed as possible?"

One final thought: Uber-comedian Mel Brooks, in his character The 2,000-Year Old Man, said about sex and politicians, "Let them do it to each other, or they'll do it to the country."

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