Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Look Now

What will you learn today?

If you don’t learn anything new you are in the same spot you were yesterday…and in today’s economy, in today’s society, that ain’t good.

If you aren’t moving ahead you are falling behind. There are no more plateaus.

Your learning journey doesn't have to be a tiring, grasping, “What’s new today? What’s new today?”

It can be more of a relaxed curiosity; an awareness of what is around you and a desire to understand and appreciate life.

Yesterday I learned about rodeo photographers. I never knew there was such a thing. I had a man in a seminar who has a business photographing rodeo performers and when he described the barrel racers you could see the excitement--the life--in his eyes. Last week I had woman in a program who was a ventriloquist. While talking to them I learned all kinds of things I never knew.

Being curious about life keeps you young…ever watch a small child wander through a garden? Everything is ripe for discovery.

At the end of this blog take a moment to look around. Don’t worry about what needs organizing or cleaning or doing. Just look around and find something new in what is ordinary.

Look now.

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