Friday, February 12, 2010

More Snow? Who Do We Call?


Forecasters say that our part of the country will get 1-3 inches of snow tonight and we have a 40% chance of snow on Saturday.

Weather people on TV are yammering, my friends are whining, I’m sure the people who clean off the roads are not spouting comments like, “Yippeee! I get to drive the salt truck today!”

But, we can’t do anything about it.

So, my philosophy is to lay in some supplies, pick some books to read and projects to work on, and pray that the power doesn’t go out.

In your day…in your life…there will be situations, like the weather, that you simply have no control over. You can complain all you like but they’ll still be there when you quit complaining.

Wouldn’t a better strategy be to ask yourself, “Is there some positive that can come of this?” or, “How can I turn this to my advantage?”

A few years ago FORTUNE magazine did a study of CEOs. One of the questions on the survey was, “Have you ever worked for a son-of-a-bitch?” That was the actual question on the survey.

Overwhelmingly, the respondents said, “Yes.” When asked, “What did you gain from the situation?” many of them answered, “I learned that if I could deal with them, and that situation, I could deal with anything.”

Every negative situation in life carries the seed of an equal and opposite opportunity. You just have to dig through the poop to find it.

***Don't forget that Valentine's Day is Sunday.

Bundle up and stay warm. See you Monday.

PS…remember, the Olympics start tonight….USA! USA! USA!

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