Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Be the Grumpinator?

This past weekend was the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Carolina Basketball. Celebrated with a win and tons of folks in town; got to see some friends.

While the UNC program is widely-recognized as the predominant college basketball program in the nation over the last 40 years the most amazing thing about the program is that the people who have participated in it, and the fans, see it as a family.

One good friend who was a member of the program talks about get-togethers where today’s athletes chat easily with some of the oldest alumni. They help each other with jobs, life challenges and successes.

Is the place you work like that? Do people look for ways to make ideas work, or do they always find reasons ideas will fail? Do they celebrate each others’ successes or resent coworkers’ wins?

Being negative burns up so much energy.

Being positive creates energy.

Look around at winning organizations—winning individuals—and they are invariably positive.

Here’s a simple symbol you might adopt…UB+.

You Be Positive.

PS…if your family or coworkers look at you in surprise when you act in a positive manner you can bet that you’ve been Mr. or Miss. Grumpy for waaaaay too long.

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