Friday, March 5, 2010


John Belushi died 28 years ago today. Sure doesn’t seem like that long. In fact, I remember being on a golf course and having a radio on (I know, I know, sounds like Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack) and being stunned by the news.

By all reports, Belushi was one of those guys for whom “high” was never high enough. And that didn’t relate only to drug use. He pushed his work farther and farther out to the edge. But, he also pulled it in for movies like Continental Divide.

If we really want to live life…and I mean live to be an active verb…we have to walk a fine line between being so conservative that we don’t take advantage of the life we have and so far out there that we can’t get back.

Today begins Spring Break for UNC. In last week’s fraternity meeting I told the chapter I advise to “Have a great Spring Break but be careful about doing something that is so far out there that you can’t pull it back in.”

Recently, I’ve had two people comment that I seem more at peace, more contented, than I have in a long time. I’ve been out there for a long time in a variety of ways and it seems that I’m learning how to pull it back in…at least I believe that I’ve found a place that pulls me back in, and lets me go back out.

Make sense?

Where do you think you stand on the Comatose-to-Gone Continuum?

Which direction would it be healthy for you to go to gain or maintain a sense of balance?

Go there this weekend. Maybe it’ll be a couple of shots of tequila…or a nap on the couch.

I’m going to try both.

Have a great weekend. See you Monday.

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