Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Horse of a Different Color

A good friend of mine has thrown his hat into the ring for US Senate. His name is Marcus Williams and you can check him out by Googling Marcus Williams for US Senate.
Marcus is thoughtful, energetic, honest as the day is long, and extraordinarily intelligent.

He's also run for office a number of times in the past and, I believe, has not been elected because he refuses to go along with the status-quo when it comes to politics. He doesn't curry the favor of the major parties or powerbrokers who could grease the wheels for him.

Going your own way and succeeding can be wonderfully satisfying. You get a double-dose of "I told you so!" Going your own way and not succeeding can have a couple of outcomes: You are proved wrong; your way didn't work. Or, it didn't work, but you have the satisfaction that you did it your way.

Look around in your life and take a moment to take stock. What's working, and why? What's not working, and why? Do you need to change how you are doing either category? Even though something is going right in your life maybe it's time for some creative destruction, a new way. For the areas that aren't going right, are you satisfied with the failure or is it time to realize that you are riding the wrong horse?

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