Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Power of Three

I don’t know about you, but difficulties seem to come at me in Three’s. If I have a little or big bump-up in life I can be assured that there are two more coming within a reasonable length of time.

So, I’m waiting for the third shoe to drop. A power outage about a week ago wrecked the contents of my refrigerator and has left my living area smelling like spoiled chicken no matter how much I spray air deodorizer. Yesterday, my computer went on the fritz. Talk about a panic! I was more worried about that than not having power.

So, both of the issues have been technology based in one way or the other. Wonder what the final flare-up will be?

You know as well as I do that every Perfect Workday can’t be bluebirds and lemonade. All you can do is play, “What If?” and plan for the things you think might happen.

Just remember, to paraphrase Mark Twain, “I thought about a lot of terrible things in my life…and most of them didn’t happen.”

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