Friday, March 12, 2010

Walk Away Without Victory

Sometimes you just want things to be over. Or, as my friend Al said, “It’s time to go on home.”

I’m sure some of you aren’t into sports but hang with me on this.

The Tar Heels men’s basketball team has been plagued this year by lack of effort, no leadership, injuries, and a general sense of…well…non-sense. Their loss to Georgia Tech last night in the ACC Tournament bumped them out of further play this year unless the National Invitational Tournament (also known now as the losers’ tournament because the only people invited to play are the teams NOT invited to the NCAA Tournament, March Madness).

It was time for the season to be over. Tar Heel fans have literally been embarrassed watching these kids fumble around and Coach Roy Williams has been beside himself trying to figure out how to motivate them…and he has been unsuccessful for once in his stellar career.

So, what does this have to do with you and Perfect Workdays?

I’m all for giving things in life second and third chances. But, sometimes you have to read the writing on the wall, take the hint, catch the drift, read the tea leaves, drop the bones, check your palm, see the burning bush, cut your losses, or have God speak to you from the heavens and understand, “This just ain’t gonna happen.”

As I noted in a previous blog; the most successful people in life are often the best at determining what to leave out of their lives.

Sometimes you just have to walk away and start fresh.

Think about it this weekend: What could you walk away from and the move would make your life better?

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