Friday, April 30, 2010


The running of the Kentucky Derby is tomorrow at about 6 pm...fastest two minutes in sports.

If you don't already have favorites--and you should, it's an American tradition that is quick, easy and fun to get into--Lookin at Luck (3-1)is the favorite followed closely by Sidney's Candy (5-1).

(If you don't know oddspeak, the numbers above are pronounced "3 to 1" and "5 to 1". They mean that if you bet $1 on a 3-1 horse and it wins, you get $3. The higher the number on the left, the higher the odds, and the less likely, from the oddsmakers standpoint, you are to win, the higher the risk)

My favorite name in the derby is American Lion (30-1) and the one any young person under 18 should choose is Backtalk (50-1)

Stately Victor (30-1) came from behind to blow away the field in an earlier race this spring.

Check the horses at

It's ok to not know anything about horses, I don't, and to choose your favorite based on anything from silk colors (that's what they call the outfit the jockey wears), to name, or where they are in the line-up. Keep an eye on the jockeys; real little guys on real big, real tempermental animals.

This is one of those experiences in life that is fun, quick and an adrenaline rush...kinda like...mmm...ok...let's stay on track.

Speaking of the track; it's supposed to rain tomorrow at Churchill Downs with standing water. Messy races are fun to watch, but dangerous.

So, get the folks in the office or at home to put together a pool and bet a dollar or two. If you want to go "whole hog" as we say in the South, have some food and cocktails (mint juleps are the drink du jour at the race) or beer and get into it.

Have a great weekend!

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