Wednesday, April 21, 2010

That Won't Work, Nor That, Nor That, Nor That

Last night I encountered one of the most frustrating people I've met in years.

A woman attended my seminar supposedly to get some ideas about what type of small business to start. What she really came for was a shrink session.

As we talked...or, more realistically, as she turned into this tale of woe that rivaled any reality show on television today. Everyone was against her, every decision she had ever made up to and including exiting the womb had turned out wrong, all the relationships she had ever been in ended up as disasters, and even the seasons (this was a beautiful spring night) seemed to align in such as way as to drag her life through the mud.

None of her issues and challenges were the types of things (physical or mental challenges, sick children, abusive mate) that would really pull at your heart strings.

She struck me as a healthy, intelligent, young (37) woman who simply made a lot of decisions based on emotion and was easily bored.

The really frustrating part of our talk was that she was one of those people who, for every idea you gave her, had a reason why it wouldn't work.

I finally got to the point that I told her, verbatim, the last two sentences above. She gave me a look that said, "I don't understand this. Everyone else listens to my story and says, 'Oh, poor you.' "

Sometimes it's best to let people tell their story and then go on their way. But, when they bring so much negative energy you start getting that, "Just shoot me in the head," kind of feeling it's time to sound the alarm...for yourself and them.

At the end of the evening I gave her some success CDs and sent her on her way.

As we Southerners would say, "God Bless her." I truly believe that if I meet her 10 years from now she'll have the same stories.

Here's an assignment: Try to spend the day telling people things that are good about life...and watch their faces.


  1. Amen brother! That feeling you got is why I don't carry firearms to seminars. Jerry Clower used to tell the story of Marcel Ledbetter climbing a tree to catch a raccoon. The raccoon attacked, and Marcel yelled down for somebody to "Shoot up here amongst us!" Neugene, Clovis, or whoever else was there said, "But I might shoot YOU!" Marcel's reply: "I don't care! One of us got to have some relief!"

  2. Amen is right!! Sometimes you have to tell them how it is... they may not like what they hear but it'll resonate.