Thursday, May 20, 2010

Aaaeeeiiiii! It's Got Me!!

I love the phrase “catch hold” a lot. Some of us Southerners use it in a variety of ways. I believe it implies a sense of energy. Like, “If I catch hold of you it’ll be something!” or, “I hope I don’t catch hold of a cold.”

Well, ok, maybe YOU wouldn’t talk like that but I know folks who do and, sometimes, I do, too.

One of my favorite times in life is when I catch hold of what I think is an important idea. Because it’s almost as if I don’t catch hold of IT so much as IT catches hold of me! My focus narrows and my energy level skyrockets.

One’s got me now.

Here it is: How do changes in our lives affect us in the practical, day-to-day issues of life?

I don’t mean how do changes affect our emotions or health or relationships. I’m talking about something that is seemingly as simple as finding your car keys.

If you have a change in your life how does it affect your use of time, how you communicate with others, and how organized you are?

My theory is this: If you have change in your life and you can find some simple solutions to keeping a handle on the time, people and stuff in your life, and not waste time with the confusion change causes, you’ll have more time to adjust to the change, create the new reality, adapt, and move ahead.

That’s it. That’s the idea that has caught hold of me. And it has energized me to the point that I am going through all the books in my library (no small task, believe me) to see if “change” is listed in their indexes.

Does an idea have hold of you now?

What idea, if it had hold of you, would energize you the way this one has affected me?

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