Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Climbing a Metal Mountain

As part of a volunteer group I'm helping to refurbish a big, old house.

Yesterday morning, when I walked out into the parking lot I saw a man climbing all over the big dumpster we are using to dispose of all the debris. He was looking for metal to take to the junkyard and sell. He and a companion had a beat-up old pickup and both looked like regular, healthy eating was not something they did on a daily basis.

My first thought was gratitude. I was deeply thankful that that was not how I had to make a living.

After scouring the house for some more metal for them I sent them on their way; things being what they are in our litigious society the last thing I need is a lawsuit from someone who was hurt on our property.

But, I have continued to have a mental image of this guy on top of all that trash looking for pieces of junk to essentially trade for food. And every time I have that image I'm thankful.

Many of our friends and neighbors are working through difficult times, financially. Many have been displaced and are still finding it hard to find work.

If you have a job, be thankful. If you are reasonably healthy, be thankful. If you had dinner last night and breakfast this morning, be thankful.

Gratitude is the foundation of a good life.

For what are you grateful today?

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  1. Mike, I am thankful for the ability to work with my hands also and knowing I am sustained just one more day, so i am not that man. Although my business is shopping curbside for furniture to redesign and sell...does that count?...lol