Monday, May 24, 2010

James Bond and Jim Thorpe...What a Pair!

Since the end of this week is the beginning of Memorial Day Weekend I’ll offer the blog that would have been set for Friday.

Friday is the birthday of two extraordinary, but wildly different, men: Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, and Jim Thorpe, arguably the greatest athlete in modern history.

Fleming was an Englishman from a relatively uppercrust family. Thorpe was a native American born in poverty on a reservation.

Both sought and found their strengths; Thorpe, as a child, and Fleming as a grown-man finishing military service.

Despite their differences they shared one quality: Excellence.

While we all can’t be world-renowned writers and athletes we can look for those strengths that we can use in the service of ourselves and others.

And note that I said “ourselves” first. If we can’t take care of ourselves we can’t serve others.

What is the one strength you have that allows you to stand out from others. Everyone has something…some gift…that they can give to themselves and others.

What’s yours?

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