Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just Ask

Shadow is a smart little dog owned by a friend. Since it's been about 50 years since I've been around a dog on a regular basis it's been interesting to watch Shadow.

Shadow is an "inside" dog and when she wants to go outside she jumps up and down and runs to the back door. When she wants to come back inside she stands near the door and barks a couple of times.

Shadow does a great job of asking for what she wants. She doesn't feel bad or guilty about asking. She knows how to ask in a way that prompts people to respond.

What do you want to ask for? What do you need to be able to have the type of life you want? Whom should you be asking?

If you have trouble asking for what you want, there is a wonderful book, The Aladdin Factor. It's by Jack Canfield, the same guy who wrote a lot of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. If you see it on you might want to buy it.

Ask for what you want? All they can do is say, "No." That won't kill you.

And, if you ask again tomorrow, they might say, "Yes."

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