Monday, May 10, 2010

Same Old, Same Old for a Better Mind, Body and Soul

What do you do to get through times of change?

Do you keep putting one foot in front of the other knowing that, in time, the change will settle in to a standard routine? Do you try to reinvent the wheel each time you are confronted by a new change and challenge? Do you have a planned routine you can use as a stabilizing agent for getting you through difficult times?

I’d vote for a combination of all three, but the most important one is the last one.

Having a few, familiar, comfortable routines and rituals you can use to provide a stabilizing foundation for your day and your life is a great way to handle change.

Simple things such as meal plans, exercise routines, sleeping habits, worship rituals, and fun activities (especially with family and friends) you enjoy can all remind your mind, body and soul that EVERYTHING in life hasn’t changed.

If you believe that every facet of your life is changing, that’s when the wheels start coming off. Even though you may have major changes happening—and life changes every day—if you can retain a sense of normalcy in some of the basic areas of life you’ll find yourself better able to deal with the big issues.

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