Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Deep In the Heart of Texas

Heading to Dallas today.

Some cities call to mind images and perceptions and myths. When I think of Dallas I immediately think of the ‘80s television show. But, I also think of the Dallas Cowboys, real cowboys, oilmen, skyscrapers growing out of the Texas plains.

And, that’s another name that REALLY conjures up images…Texas. Big, friendly (unless you screw up and mess with them), forceful...powerful.

What image or perception is conjured in peoples’ minds when they hear your name?

I once met a man in a social setting who said he didn’t care what people thought when his name was mentioned. I think that’s sad…and stupid. In today’s world you’d better be wondering what people think when they hear your name.

“Mike Collins”…..whataya think?

(Your Name)….how about now?

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