Monday, June 7, 2010

Cut That Light Off! Whataya Tryin' To Do, Light the World?!

So, what’s your take on the whole BP Gulf disaster?

Yeah, I’m with ya on the pictures of birds covered in oil, fishermen wondering about their livelihoods, endangered marshlands, and empty hotels.

But, on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday I heard two things that rattled me: First, BP has spent $300 million mollifying investors and $50 million on television PR ads. Second, the amount of oil lost in the last 48 days is equal to what we use in the United States in one hour.

Let’s look at the first comment. If BP is willing to spend $350 million to try and calm folks down you can bet that the potential costs of this disaster will be unbelievable. Count on the fact that a bunch of bean-counting MBAs have done a cost/benefit analysis and figured that it’s cheaper to try and pay investors off and BS the public than it is to focus the money on really solving the problem.

One rumor floating around is that the Russians have a solution due to the fact that this sort of thing happens to them all the time, but BP and our government don’t want to have to give credit to the Russkies...even if it's just a rumor that fact that it SOUNDS true shows how much we trust all the suits.

Now, to the second comment. If the statement about lost oil/daily use doesn’t convince you that we need to get a handle on our oil consumption, nothing will. I’m certainly confident that by 2110 there will be clean, cheap fuel alternatives; we're smart, creative people. But for right now, we’ve got to get serious. Oil consumption is a national security issue. The more we have to rely on others for energy the weaker we are.

What small thing can you do on a regular basis that lessens your energy footprint?

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