Friday, June 4, 2010

Hey! It's the Weekend!

What are you going to think about on your way home from work today?

If you are like most folks you’ll be thinking about one of two things: What went wrong at work today…or…What you have to get done this weekend.

Try this: Think of two things that went right today and two things you can look forward to this weekend.

Studies show that over half of our thoughts and conversations are of a negative nature, so thinking about the positive is, for most people, a rarity.

I’ve mentioned in the past the University of Miami study that had people writing down five things they could be appreciative about each night when they returned home from work. At the end of the study the subjects had fewer depressive episodes and lower blood pressure.

Good stuff makes us feel better and become healthier…now, there’s a news flash, isn’t it?

Hey! It’s the weekend! Lighten Up!

See you Monday.

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