Monday, June 14, 2010

Who Decides?

Yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning, economist Ben Stein recognized graduates who, during this time of year, have reached the goal they and their parents have been aiming for for years.

He made the point that many graduates were walking away with degrees (and pointed to careers) that were not their ideas. The major or career choice was the idea of a parent or someone else in their lives who had told the student-now-graduate what was good for them. The student believed the adult, rather than striking out in a direction of their own choosing.

Stein noted that he had asked his therapist what made people happy, or not. He said his therapist answered “like a shot. The happiest people are the people who sought their own goals; who took off in a direction of their own choosing.”

When he asked the therapist what was the common denominator among the people who were unhappy his therapist “answered like a shot. Those people made decisions based on what other people wanted. So they did what the other people said to do and now they spend a lot of time in my office complaining.”

Are you living your life or the life of someone else?

If you’ve taken someone else’s advice about a major (or minor) decision in life, how did it turn out?

If you’ve taken other people’s advices and life didn’t turn out the way you wanted it’s not necessarily a bad thing. You always have someone to blame…them.

If you seek your own council in life it’s true that you still always have someone to blame, yourself, but when the time comes to take the last train home wouldn’t you rather go knowing that you were the one who had been blowing the whistle?

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