Thursday, July 1, 2010

1600 Bathrooms, 3.000 Televisions?

I still can’t get over Cowboy Stadium.

The thing that most impressed me was the planning and anticipation of the needs of the people who visit.

There are 1600 toilets in the stadium and almost 1000 are in women’s bathrooms….short lines and not much waiting. Now that’s good planning.

There are over 3,000 television monitors (which begs the question of what, compared to the number of toilets, is most important) so you wouldn’t even have to go to your seat to watch the game and have a great time.

In whatever is important to you are you anticipating the needs of others, or your own needs, so that they and you get what is wanted…not just needed…but, wanted?

Here’s a simple exercise: The July 4th weekend is coming. What do you need/want in order to have a great July 4th? You can think large or small. Find one thing over which you have control that you can do/buy/have so that you are more likely to have a great 4th.

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