Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bloom On!

I always think it’s a hoot in drama/improv classes, or pop psychology exercises, when you’re asked, “If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?” In fact, the question is so well-known that it’s become a cliché for a boring exercise.

However, I started thinking the other day (while in….mmm….a softer frame a mind) that, in life, we’re all like flowers. We need some watering, some sunlight, some fertilizer (a little BS can go a long way to making life more fun, more coherent, and more that a word?), and some care.

Lots of us think we’re little tuffies and we can handle anything. But, sooner or later we start understanding that if we don’t get some watering, warmth, fun and care we start to wither. When that happens there is no way we can reach our blooming potential.

Maybe you’re meant to be a little flower…or a big blossom, but whichever it’s going to be you can’t get there without a little help.

I’m for being a BIG flower; standing out among the crowd of other blossoms; calling for someone to come over and comment on how beautiful my colors, how fragrant my bouquet, and how sturdy my petals.

But, in order to do that I need encouragement.

Ok…it feels like all this flower talk is knocking down my testosterone level. I’m going into the den and turn on ESPN Classic with the Texas/Oklahoma game from 2003, smoke a cigar and read a weightlifting magazine.

Have a big day!

PS…And you can take the blooming comment any way you’d like.

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