Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Forever Online

I’m getting better about considering what I put on FaceBook, Twitter,in emails and anywhere that has any connection to the Internet.

Every now and then I wrote from a stream of consciousness and made wisecracks and comments that you might not say out loud in the company cafeteria, but you might say in a bar.

I’m done with that. Every day now you see that some executive, government official or athlete has put something out on the Internet and it’s come back to bite them. (Please notice that I didn’t say where it had bitten them, which I might have done in the past.)

A recent Wall Street Journal story pointed out that managers are now following employees comments in social media and interviewers are checking the online persona of job candidates.

I love freedom as much as anyone else, and I spare no opportunity to exercise that freedom. But, as someone once offered to me the morning after I got waaaay out on the edge the night before, “Hoss, sometimes ya gotta act like ya got some sense.”

A very, very smart 13-year old whom I like a lot encountered kids posting less than smart comments on her FB page. As she advised them, “Pls b nice.”

Remember, this stuff is forever.

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