Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My office looked like someone pointed one of those big wood-chippers into the window and started throwing book, CDs, bills, checks, files, pens, Sharpies, DVDs, cellphones and newspapers in the other end.

Embarrassing! I mean, I teach this organization stuff. And, I’d done my 30-Second Secret (Don’t walk away from your desk without taking 30 seconds to straighten a few things up).

But the last few weeks have been so overwhelmingly hectic that the avalanche had overtaken me.

Time to clear the decks.

So, I started with one piece of paper. The first one closest to my hand. And I threw it away. A good start. The next few bits went the way of the trash can, too.

Now, I’m on a roll.

Started separating bills and other mail into usable piles.

Now the desk is clean.

Time to start on the floor.


Try it. A bit at the time gets you there.

Here’s the thought of the day: Your desk and work area is probably not the only area of your life that is cluttered. You can use the same—bit by bit—strategy to straighten out almost any area of life.

PS. I’ll tell you about the opposite end of the “get it straightened out” continuum tomorrow.

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