Thursday, July 8, 2010

Take a Flamethrower to It!

In the movie, A Scent of a Woman, Al Pacino plays the leading role. He’s a former military officer. At one point in the film he faces a problem and loudly says he should, “take a flamethrower to this!”

Some problems beg for a flamethrower. Whether it’s cleaning off your desk, straightening out a family or work issue, or, for that matter, solving a national/global issue.

There are challenges that have to be dealt with quickly and dramatically and completely so you can simply start over.

Two thoughts come to mind: Pulling a band-aid off quickly and a comment made by John C. Maxwell, America’s preeminent leadership teacher. Maxwell said, “Your probability of having a successful, happy life is going to be based on your willingness to have difficult discussions.” And some of the discussions will be flamethrowers that straighten the situation out instead of candles that enlighten.

In terms of relationships, most people don’t like the heat and damage caused by the flamethrower. But, it will definitely get folks’ attention.

When cleaning up, sometimes it’s best to clear it all out and start over fresh.

In your life, what might it help to take a flamethrower to?

One caution: There is an adrenaline rush to using the flamethrower and it’s easy to turn it on a second issue when you see how completely it clears up the first.

Use flamethrowers selectively and carefully lest you burn yourself up with the problem.

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