Friday, July 23, 2010

Watch Out for the Turtle Eggs

This morning I was listening online to my Beach Music station down at Myrtle Beach.

They’ve run a couple of public service announcements about watching out for sea turtles. It may be the time of year when sea turtles come onto the beach to lay eggs. There was information about keeping outside lights off (sea turtles like the dark) and keeping trash off the beach (sea turtles eat plastic because they think it’s jellyfish…which, evidently sea turtles like as much as a fat baby likes candy).

It struck me that 949 The Surf had spent more time figuring out how to help us take care of the turtles than most of us spend thinking about taking care of ourselves.

We’ll worry and fret about what’s going to happen, or what has already happened, but as for actually thinking our way through a challenge, putting the plan in place, and following through…for our own benefit…we’re not very good at doing that.

You know you have challenges coming. What are you going to do? The solution might be painful but why not get on with it so you can come out the other side in a better situation?

Have a big weekend. and if you’re in the The South, stay cool.

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