Monday, August 30, 2010

Are You Winging It?

On my way to New York today to talk about change with another group of folks who work with a large pharmaceutical company. These are really nice, professional, interested/interesting people so it’s always a delight to work with them.

They handle things in an extraordinarily professional way. Details are covered, people stay in touch to make sure I have what I need to maximize my time with them, and they think ahead and anticipate problems and have solutions ready.

Not everyone works like that. I’ve worked with other groups that say, “Be here at a certain time and talk about this topic.” And that’s it.

I don’t really mind the second type of group because I’ve been doing this a long time, there is not a whole lot I’ve haven’t seen, and if a problem comes up I can usually improvise and get us through.

But, there is a definite feeling of security when you deal with professionals and the older I get the less I like surprises and winging it. Flying by the seat-of-your-pants is stressful, it takes more time, and I don’t believe you can do as good a job as you might if there was a little planning involved.

In your work and in your life, where do you feel secure and where do you feel like you’re winging it? I’m all for the thrill of the hunt but we aren’t out on the savannah where we have to kill our food every day. Where can you make sure the details in life are covered so you can concentrate on the topics and issues of life that really engage YOU.

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