Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Basic Decision

The group yesterday was just what I anticipated; smart, quick professionals.

I asked the group a question and got some interesting answers. The question was, “How do you handle change in the workplace.”

They offered the usual responses such as, “I embrace it,” “I take it one step at the time,” “I work off the stress of it.”

One woman, though, had a wonderfully astute and self-revelatory answer. I can’t quote her exactly (because I was so stunned at the unique quality of her answer that I didn’t write it down and forgot to ask her to repeat it after the program), but she said something like, “When we are confronted with change here I first determine whether I want to stay or go. If I decide to stay I then start figuring out how I can make sure the change works in a positive way for me. I lay out the positive things about the change and then I use them to help me move into the change.”

A lot of people offer the second part of her answer….the part about looking for ways to make the change work for them. But, no one has ever offered the first part. There’s always an assumption that they’ll stay. In fact, for most folks it isn’t even part of the question.

But, here’s the really powerful part of her answer. The first sentence showed me that she understood that SHE was in control of her life, not the corporation or the people to whom she paid her bills. Lots of folks will pay lip service to that fact but don’t really believe it, and certainly won’t act on it. She obviously does.

My hat’s off to her. You don’t meet someone every day who truly is the captain of their destiny.

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