Thursday, August 12, 2010

Business-like, or Hawaiian?

Am in beautiful Asheville today presenting a seminar for the North Carolina Association of Municipal Clerks.

Last night, as I roamed around the hotel I kept running into members of the association; people who would be in my program today.

I had on a business-like, blue and white striped dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, shorts, and UNC-CH flip-flops.

When I would confirm that they were members of NCAMC I would ask, "OK, you get to vote. Do I go with a business looking shirt like this tomorrow or the Hawaiian shirt I brought." The vote was 100% to go Hawaiian.

I know it's kind of silly but it was fun. The key idea is that if, on something simple like this, you can poll the people who matter and give them a choice, get their opinion, they feel invested and appreciate the opportunity to speak up.

What if you and I asked more people in our lives to become invested, to give their opinion, instead of making assumptions? (Cause you know what happens when you ASS-SUME something!)

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