Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Davey Has Been Kidnapped!!

There’s been a kidnapping and Cary, NC, police are on the case…well…maybe not a kidnapping…more like a dolphin-napping.

Davey is, or was, a 30” bronze dolphin on a pedestal outside Davis Drive Elementary School. Sometime between 5 pm on August 17 and 8 am on August 18 someone took Davey.

The culprit was caught on video cameras located next door at Davis Drive Middle School. Described as a “teenager who wore light-colored shorts, a T-shirt and a hat,” the person was seen walking through the parking lot talking on a cellphone (now there’s a surprise!).

The statue looks like Flipper from the old TV series. It’s up on its tail with flippers extended and the story says little kids will actually go to the statue and hug it.

At this point you’re probably going, “Aaaahhhhh, that’s terrible! Now little kids can’t hug the statue.”

I’m not saying that. I’m saying, “Aaaahhh, that kid who took it was too stupid to look for the video cameras.” No kidding.

I’m certainly not condoning vandalism, but we all did dumb things when we were young (I climbed on top of a Pizza Hut and tore one of the Z’s off to give to a friend for his birthday, his last name started with a Z)…and according to some of the people who at least profess to love me I’m still doing dumb things.

But, here’s how the Davey Dilemma will probably shake out: The culprit will be caught because he (I’ve got $1,000 that says it was a guy), or some of his friends won’t be able to keep their mouths shut. And he’ll say he’s sorry, and he’ll return the dolphin, and his parents will pay the damage fee, and he’ll get some community service, and his parents, unless they are really mature, will forget that he owes them the damage money, and he’ll grow up with a story to tell, and he'll go to law school, and someone will remind him of his misdeed at a cocktail party 30 years from now and they’ll all have a big laugh.

Again, while I’m not condoning the theft, here’s how I compared it to what else is going on. On one page of my local paper there are three stories. One is about lifesaving relief not being able to reach 800,000 people in Pakistan isolated due to flooding; militants in Somalia killed 32 people when they attacked a hotel; and 42 people died in a Chinese plane crash.

Oh yeah, and there was a story saying that Lindsey Lohan may get out of rehab early.

In America we have a bad habit of letting the trivial, like bronze dolphins and Hollywood drunks, pull our attention and energy away from the important things.

A few years ago I attended a seminar in which I learned a truly valuable skill. The speaker said, “When your mind and attention starts going to topics that don’t benefit you simply start saying, ‘Delete-Delete-Delete,’ just as if you are hitting the Delete button on your keyboard. The exercise will pull your attention away from the unwanted topic, and then you can redirect it to something more worthwhile.”

(I’m sure that there are some folks who think, “Delete-Delete-Delete,” when their minds turn to me. That’s ok. They’ve learned to use the skill.)

Try the skill today. When your mind strays, Delete-Delete-Delete the unwanted topic, and send it wherever Davey the Dolphin is hiding.

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