Friday, August 13, 2010

Hope You Don't Get Pulled Over

This has not been a good year for state law enforcement agencies in North Carolina.

The Highway Patrol has suffered a number of embarrassing incidents involving troopers getting DUI’s, and using their status as troopers to get sex. The State Bureau of Investigation is embroiled in an ugly situation that seems to show that they’ve been sloppy with evidence in many cases.

Makes you wonder: Who can you trust?

If we’re going to live in a society of laws we have to trust that the laws will apply to everyone, evenly.

Now, let’s be honest; the reality is that the have-nots are judged by one set of standards and the haves by another. It’s the way things have been….forever. It isn’t that it’s right, it’s just that that’s the way it’s been.

If we don’t want it to be that way we have to step up and make…demand…vote for…changes.

In your life, what do you experience that’s “just the way it’s been?” But, you’d like to change it?

There are only three things you can do: Accept it. Alter it. Avoid it.

You get to choose.

Have a great weekend and stay out of the heat.

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