Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hugs Create

I have two small, smooth stones on my desk. One says, “Create” and the other says, “Hugs.”

Last night I was working and trying to figure out a problem so I started rearranging things in front of me to get a different perspective. It’s a trick I learned from the late Claude McKinney, the visionary creator of NC State’s Centennial Campus.

He said, “When I’m stumped on a problem I rearrange a couple of small items on my desk to try and create a three-dimensional model of the problem. The exercise helps me see the situation in a different, unique way.”

So, last night I would change the order of the stones. First, they would say, “Create Hugs.” Then they would say, “Hugs Create.”

What I realized was that both phrases were not only correct, but revolutionary.

What if one of your main goals for today was to Create Hugs?

There’s a guy who travels to different large cities and stands on the corner with a sign that says, “Need a hug?” Go to and you’ll see him. He’s called The Hug Man. The reaction of total strangers passing by is amazing.

What if you understood that Hugs Create? What do they create? Closeness, that’s for sure. A feeling of security; that’s a good thing.

Now, if you put them together and kinda pump up the logic you get, Creating Hugs Creates. That’s growth, the essence of life.

And that is a very good thing.

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