Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Need a Dumpster

I need a dumpster. And I need somewhere to put it.

The new fraternity house my group purchased early in the summer is ready to open and guys are starting to flow into town for the start of the school year. You can imagine how much trash 50+ guys create, not to mention all the trash from cleaning up and refurbishing. During the summer when no one was here we had a big industrial-sized dumpster so trash was no problem.

We thought getting a dumpster would be a breeze but we are finding that the town of Chapel Hill is incredibly strict about where to put dumpsters and we have a tiny parking lot so the quandary is where to locate it. We may end up sharing a dumpster with some of our neighbors.

Do I want to spend time finding a dumpster location and ordering it…no. But, as my brother, Joe, astutely said, “The problem with being a grown-up is that you have to learn so much about stuff you don’t care about in the first place.”

So, you have to Cowboy Up as Fayetteville Technical Community College President Larry Keen would say, and get it done.

What responsibility, job, task or conversation do you need to just Cowboy Up and get it done?

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