Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ride'em Cowboy!!

If you read yesterday’s blog you can just call me Cowboy Mike. Got the dumpster problem solved, at least in the short-term, and probably have a long term solution in the wings.

Yesterday was a wonderful lesson in focus, cooperative communications, and the fact that a little money can solve a lot of problems.

At the end of the day I realized that the one important thing I had wanted to get done was done. By staying focused on the problem…and not let myself get pulled away by ten other issues…I had been able to concentrate my energy. There is a magic to focus.

The effort put me in touch with a wide range of people; city and county employees, neighbors, young guys who would do some moving for me, and contractors. In each case I focused on being clear and positive about what I needed (rare for me, I tend to be waaaaay too demanding a lot of the time) and in almost every case they came through. Looks like sugar does get more done than s***.

To make the short-term solution happen I needed a little money. Not a lot, but enough to pay someone to step in and take the short-term problem, a large pile of trash, away. I already had thought of two other solutions to that part of the problem if my first option had not worked.

So, the lessons of the day: Have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish; stay focused; keep moving.

What do you have in your life that you can apply those principles to?

PS: It ain’t like we don’t know this stuff. We just don’t do it.

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