Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Voice of a Friend

Recently, I had the opportunity to be with a longtime friend whom I hadn’t spent time with in quite awhile.

For the first few minutes it was almost as if they were someone I didn’t know very well.

But, after a little while the rustiness wore off and we fell into many of the old rhythms and I remembered why I cared about them and why they were my friend, and I their’s, in the first place.

Too often we get busy or are so enamored and distracted by the new and different that we don’t stay in touch with the well-known and comfortable.

If we have friends who are willing to overlook or understand our absence from their lives, and pick up pretty close to where we left off…we are blessed.

With whom have you not stayed in touch? Who would appreciate a phone call, email or visit?

Better yet, whose voice would you appreciate hearing? Whose voice would make you feel stronger, safer, more loved and/or more confident?

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